Literally Dyke is a merchandise store established by a lesbian that is aimed at lesbians, dykes, lezzers of all varieties, assuming that they are same-sex attracted adult human females, but also selling merchandise that is more gender abolitionist in nature. If it’s about standing up for the rights of women and girls, Literally Dyke has probably got it covered. The merchandise is all designed exclusively for this website and can’t be found anywhere else.

Postage within the UK is included in the price and £1 from each sale is donated to a lesbian action group, choosing a different action group each year. For 2024 the chosen action group is Lesbian Strength Leeds.

All the clothing is Organic and Vegan and super quality! Why not get the women in your life some super awesome Literally Dyke merch!

Our Promise to You

Vegan & Organic

The clothing that we sell at Literally Dyke is from stock that is Vegan and 100% Organic. It is important to us at Literally Dyke that the products and the print processes we use are vegan and organic to ensure that we are impacting the planet as little as we can.

Our Mission Statement

Literally Dyke

Literally Dyke is a lesbian owned merchandise store for lesbians and feminist/gender abolitionist focused women. By lesbians we are exclusively referring to same-sex attracted adult human females, identified as female at birth and attracted to other same-sex attracted adult human females. By women we are exclusively referring to adult human females, identified as female at birth, carriers of large gametes. Our views on what a woman is are protected in law as gender critical, all thanks to Maya Forstater, and as such are clearly stated here, so if you object to lesbian feminists selling merchandise to other lesbians and feminists/gender abolitionists, may we politely advise, your blatant misogyny/lesbophobia is showing.

Literally Dyke, proudly promoting lesbian strength and visibility in everything we do.